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Soccer Scholarships At Youth Football Academies

The popularity of soccer is still growing in the United States, and those with talent in the field may have an easier time landing scholarships than players in the more high-visibility sports of football and basketball.

Scholarship funding awarded by universities comes in the form of both full and partial scholarships so that coaches are able to put together the best team possible, and a player’s academic record is an important factor in determining his or her eligibility for those awards.

Soccer players have an advantage over athletes in the more competitive fields of having a number of outside funding sources to choose from.

While the awards may not be as high as scholarships given out by colleges, players shouldn’t discount scholarship programs offered by local leagues and organizations looking to promote the sport and reward students just for playing soccer.

These awards often look at more than athletic ability, taking into account financial need, extracurricular activities and academic records.

Players then at all skill levels may find themselves eligible for awards not offered directly by the college they plan to attend.

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