Volunteer Football Coaching

We Need Volunteer Football  Coaches In The Gambia

Considered the world’s most popular sport and played in virtually every country around the world, football is truly universal. It possesses a unique ability to excite and unite people at home and abroad, as demonstrated by the 2010 World Cup.

Football’s main quality has always been its simplicity; it requires a bare minimum of equipment, can be played pretty much anywhere – grass, concrete or sand – and is easy to pick up. Played regularly, it will develop many physical attributes: speed, stamina, balance and co-ordination being just a handful.

But Football is about so much more than simply the physical side. It can be incredibly rewarding for children to play football because it develops notions of teamwork, fair play and respect, which in turn help to develop character.

Within this social context it can also be good for communities because football focuses the minds of young people, occupying them with a wholesome, worthwhile activity.

For some who play football it can even be an avenue to fame and fortune but, for all, it’s ‘the beautiful game’!

Our aim is to give you the necessary information and skills to develop the young football  talent of your chosen destination, while you develop your own skills as a coach.

You do not have to be an experienced coach with a coaching certificate to get involved. You do not necessarily need to be an exceptional football player, although it is always an advantage if you have a few good skills.

Your role will be wide and varied, but there are certain criteria which are most definitely needed including enthusiasm, knowledge of skills and techniques and a warm, approachable manner. You can volunteer abroad on a soccer-coaching project on your gap year, career break or as part of an extended vacation.

Whether you’re on a placement for one, two, three months or more months we will provide a specific coaching program to assist you in your role, and support you all the way.

Which ever destination you choose to volunteer in, you will rapidly see the impact that you are making on the young people you are working with.

We are looking for volunteer football coaches to work with youth football in the Gambia to qualify for this you must hold a level one or level two UEFA coaching badge and be able to have two weeks spare at a set time in the year.

  • Coach and train with the academy team gaining valuable coaching hours for your time together with practical and theory sessions, emergency aid and laws of the game.
  • Progress plan, conduct and evaluate a series of football coaching sessions.
  • Coach the basic skills and techniques of football.
  • Promote and establish positive working relationships at all levels.
  • Ensure the health and safety of players and others within the coaching environment.
  • Develop greater responsibility for their own learning and development.
  • Help promote the sport in a positive and
    constructive manner.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the principles of attack and defense through the use of practices and small sided games.

At the same time, you will be gaining experience of sports development that will stand out if you choose to study or work in this area in the future.