Summer Soccer Camp in Gambia

Football Academy in Africa

Improve your child’s performance on the field with training from G-Tech Football Academy on a Soccer Training Clinic In The Gambia.

Date: 27 July to 27 August 2015

Participation Fee: 500 Dalasi

Venue: Spybar Football Field Senegambia Kololi, The Gambia. West Africa
Time: 8:30am – 11:30am

Please This Event Is Only For People Peaving In The Gambia West Africa!!!

One-on-One Training is great for technical skill development and is perfect for players that wish to improve their technical soccer skills.

Small Group Training is great for pressure and the use of other players to help In the learning process

Team Training is great for overall team development and can be on many different things including technical skills, tactical skills, team fitness and teambuilding.

TECHNICAL SKILLS: is everything a player does to control the soccer ball. These skills are associated with how to do something in the game, or ball skills.

Examples of Technical skills include some of the following:

Dribbling (ball control)
Shooting (power shots)
First Touch

TACTICAL SKILLS: are those skills that are associated with what to do in a game; or making decisions.

Examples of Tactical skills include some of the following:

Reading the play or situation.
Acquiring the knowledge needed to make an appropriate decision.
Applying decision-making skills to the problem.

Request more information on Summer Soccer Training Clinic in The Gambia Please contact us via informations below and its for only those leaving in the Gambia.

Gambia no: +220-768-42-93, Tel/Fax: +220-446-50-79, USA no: +1-404-232-5872

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