Principal Objectives

G-Tech Football Club Principal Objectives in The Gambia

I. Partner with international organizations, NGOs, corporate bodies and international football clubs (professional and amateur) to implement solutions that effectively eliminate the gap that exist in early football opportunities and athletic education for the youth in Africa’s less developed countries.

II. Gain partners, supporters, sponsors, and donors that are willing to partner or act as AGENT or LAISION PARTNERS to international football clubs that support G-Tech Football Club “CATCH THEM YOUNG” philosophy.

III. Promote and provide continual commitment to providing athletic opportunities to the youths of Africa (both male and female).

IV. To employ professional trainers and educators to provide continual multiple levels of soccer/football training and educational services year round. From recreational soccer, club-level competitive soccer, to advanced academy-level training, supplemented by academic and character development programs.

V. To continuously benefit city youths by:

A. To offer football/soccer skills from basic to advanced levels; similar to international academies such as the David Beckham Football Academy in England, as well as several national programs.

B. To approach football /soccer with the mindset that it is an art requiring master coaches and trainers, and the utmost dedication of its players from an early age.

C. To foster mastery of football/soccer fundamental skills, techniques, tactics, and strategy, as well as good agility and excellent physical conditioning, will be required. The club-level and apprentice programs will require somewhat less commitment from the players, but will nonetheless be guided by professional trainers, and require weekly practices and clinics for competence in skills and techniques.

D. To establish habits of self-discipline, concentration and hard-work.

1. All levels of football/soccer and academic training provided by G-TECH Football Academy require players to learn to focus their time, energy and attention on the development of their bodies and minds in order to achieve success on the field and in the classroom.

2. To promote self-discipline in all aspects of life; as with any activity, good character is a prerequisite for success. As a result, all of G-Tech Football Club employees and personnel will model good behavior and, with regard to the players themselves, provide care and attention for the whole person, i.e., the development of his or her body, mind and spirit.

E. Build and foster confidence and self-esteem in disadvantaged youth
1. Will provide and environment away from home in which participants will gain confidence, self-esteem, and a sense of trustworthiness. This will positively affect their work in school, their home life, and their pursuit of jobs and careers.

F. Provide healthy athletic and fitness activity to Counteract Childhood Obesity

1. Because of the variety of types of athletic activity offered by G-Tech Football Club after school, during the evenings, on weekends, over holidays and during the summer, the inner city children of West Africa who participate in the Academy’s programs will be involved in healthy physical exercise on a daily basis, and year-round. This consistency will provide the foundation for healthy life-long exercise habits.

2. By welcoming mothers and fathers to its adult recreational soccer as well as the G-Tech Football Club Family this promotes a focus on what binds us instead of what separates us. How our beauty is unique, yet stems from the same source. This approach will strengthen families, and help integrate the different races, ethnicities, and socio-economic classes of the greater West Africa region.

3. By providing many levels of football/soccer and educational training programs that attract inner and outer city children, G-Tech Football Club provides The Gambia with networking opportunities that will carry them through a lifetime of need and a healthy resource to divert its otherwise troubled youths from destructive patterns of behavior, improve the community’s quality of life, and introduce The Gambia’s urban youths to their suburban peers.