Youth Football, IT & Education Charities In Gambia

Football provides a connection from Africa to the modern world for many young Africans. G Tech Football Academy gives footballers in schools and grass roots football teams and clubs the ability to view, research and play their favorite sport.

Internet cafe are one of the most rapidly growing applications of IT in the developing world fulfilling the need for a practical and cost-effective way to bring the community of Africa into contact with itself and with the world.

Shared-access to refurbished computers allows the provision of a wide range of internet services to more users at lower cost than privately-owned home computers which are often out of the financial reach of the majority of people in Africa.

By making ‘screen time’ available in local video clubs and internet cafes, G Tech uses the interest in football as the catalyst for education and community development amongst the under-privileged youth in The Gambia.

Youth Football, IT & Education Projects In Gambia

“Computer & Internet Training Workshops” are the key components of a particularly effective educational program in The Gambia aiming to help bridge an ever-widening gap in computer and Internet utilisation between African and Western nations.”

”We help young African football players to gain access to the internet to research the latest football team and club news, build their language, literacy and IT skills and ultimately capitalise on the research and communication potential of the internet to realise their ambitions.”

G Tech staff give hands-on training and exposure to IT through regular workshops and classes that are open to all. More advanced workshops have been held in 2014 to help increase students understanding of the research, communication and publishing opportunities available on the internet.

Our students are eager to learn about computers, information systems and the Internet and want to be able to improve their lives in whatever way possible. Increasingly employers are demanding computer skills as a condition for employment. Internet access and training improves their opportunity for employment, increases their access to information and brings the power of networking and communicating with others around the world.

The digital economy offers business opportunities for internet entrepreneurs in Africa. With English widely spoken and very little time difference between Gambia and most of Western Europe the potential now exists for Gambia to become an outsourcing centre for IT and web development projects as in India.

The important issue is to raise the scope of IT skills and expertise in businesses and organisations that have most to gain from contact with the internet community locally, in the rest of Africa and across the world.

G Tech Football Academy Internet Center

G Tech is actively seeking sponsorship or donations of used computers that can be used in our own internet center.