Gambia in The Spotlight – G-Tech Football Academy

IMG_1270Though Gambian football may not have much to write home about in terms of success, it is however not poor at junior leveland certainly not mean in ambition to grow and nurture a bright future through en masse grooming of young generation of players.

They come in the form of football academies dotted along the major towns in the Greater Banjul Area. In all, over a dozen academies are enrolling young people from age six upwards with a view of getting them to acquire skills in the game that is hugely popular among the tiny nation’s 1.5 million people.

One such academy is the G-Tech Football academy, founded and headquartered in Banjul, The Gambia, but with tentacles it is gradually spreading into the sub-region.

And as the name indicates, it is one academy that is fine tuned to modern football management powered by Information Technology.

G-Tech academy is a subsidiary of the African Football academy, a concept that seeks to put up offshoots in many African countries to serve as an umbrella body for the attainment or realization of the dreams of youths across the continent through football.

“That is our dream globalizing the concept of catching them young under a single continental banner,’’ said Enakeno Arausi, the director of G-Tech Gambia.

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