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Youth Football Player Development In Gambia

G-Tech Football Development – One Day Football Skills Training Ages 7-16

We are now offering one day special training programes designed for all age groups within your club. Over one full day we deliver a structured soccer skills development and football coaching course for every age group within your club with specific team sessions.

The sessions are 1 hour 30 minutes and using a holistic approach train the player’s technical and tactical knowledge within the team environment. For the younger age groups small sided games, 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3s are used to develop understanding in small groups before it is transferred into more match like situations.

For the older group the tactical knowledge is tested as much as the technical and focus is on not only the game understanding but also techniques within a competitive environment. Of course with our coaches and their unique style all players have fun and the social aspects of training are always of importance.

G-Tech Football Development – Weekend Football Coaching & Training  Ages 7-18

We are offering a full weekend programme for players wishing to develop their skills and understanding over a full weekend. Players come in for a training session on the Saturday and Sunday.

The programme is designed to give the players a progression over the two days and to maximize their time by putting together a fun, educational and exciting experience.

The package for the weekend can be tailored to your clubs need and can be priced to fit your clubs own budget.

G-Tech Football Development – Football Tactics & Fundamentals 5-12 Age

At this age group an emphasis on the technical aspect of the game of football is the key focus as this underpins the fundamental aspects of the game.

There is a huge emphasis on the social aspects of the game and our football coaches deliver the sessions in a pressure free, enjoyable environment to ensure learning is maximized. This will develop not only the young football player’s abilities but also their self-confidence.

G-Tech Football Development – Advanced Football Skills & Training Ages 12-18

These courses are designed to take young players to their next level of skill. There is a natural progression from the technical based skill training into a more game related environment, using 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 games to enable a natural progression to 8v8 games and academy style matches
Other elements of this course include attacking play, defending, team shape and tactical situations. The sessions are delivered using high conceptual interference techniques in order that players can transfer their learning into real match-play.