Donations To Youth Football Charity In Gambia

Donations are generally associated to Charity’s or NGO’s so as a youth football support group we will be asking anybody who is anybody to feel free to donate to us in any small way they can.

If you are reading this for the first time and deciding to make a contribution or for the hundredth time and have selected G-Tech Football Club as a charity organization that you feel worthy of your support and backing.

We would like to extend our heat felt gratitude and warmest thanks for making a contribution. Your generosity is deeply appreciated and will MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

As a Football/Soccer non-profit organization dedicated to serving the disadvantaged children of West Africa region, G-Tech Football Club depends heavily upon the good will of people like you to offer the programs and activities that define our mission.

Donations to G-Tech Football Club in Gambia

If you wish to play a part in G-Tech Football Club Development and you have items associated with football that would normally be discarded we would like you to consider donating as part of a sponsorship.

So we are not asking for money out-right, we are asking for you to consider donating anything involving football that in normal circumstances you would probably discard and throw away thinking it old and worn and of no use, think again please. Be it old boots, trainers, balls, shirts, shorts, socks, bibs, cones, nets, corner flags, linesmen flags, whistles, annuals, books and absolutely anything to do with foot and ball.

Contact us discuss alternative means of providing support!!!