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Sustainable Football Development Projects In Gambia

The Gambia is the smallest country on mainland Africa with a population of less than 2 million people yet the national U-17 football team managed to win the African U-17 Championship in both 2005 & 2009.

Map Of Gambia, West AfricaThe 2005 team caused one of the biggest upsets in FIFA U17 World Cup history after defeating Brazil 3-1 and were only eliminated from the competition after missing a penalty and loosing 2-1 to Holland. Sadly, these 2 great Gambian national football teams failed to compete at the highest levels as they matured.

There is no doubt that some of the best young footballers in Africa can be found on the beaches, streets and village pitches of the Gambia but the infrastructure does not exist to develop and nurture these players into the world class players they have the potential to become.

G-Tech Youth Football Development – Putting Gambia First

The G-Tech Football Development Project has been set up to address the issues involved and build a sustainable system that will help Gambian football to develop on all levels.

G-Tech Football Academy is a subsidiary of the Africa Football Academy and is affiliated with the Gambia Football Federation (GFF) and the West Coast Regional Football Association (WCRFA), as well as the Kombo North Sports Council (KNSC) and the Kanifing Municipality Regional Football Association (KMRFA) in The Gambia.

G-Tech Football Academy is a Non-Government Organization (NGO) founded in 2011 and registered as a non-profit-making Charitable Association/Foundation in 2014 under the 2013 Companies Act of the Republic of The Gambia. Registration Number: 2014/C1379.

Sustainable Football Development In Gambia

Soccer Skill Drilling In The Gambia

In the provinces of Gambia, We are instigating the spread of top flight football training and coaching courses for youth and grass roots football players in rural and remote areas.

The G-Tech Football Development Project has three strands of coaching courses: the main strand covers entry level skills training and football coaching courses and leads up to advanced level for more senior players that deals with tactics and specialist training drills.

The second strand features specialist courses, including goalkeeping, Futsal and five a side football and the third covers age-appropriate courses.

Gambian Football Sponsorship, Funding & Donations

Football Academy In Africa

We are developing village teams and organising local and regional leagues and competitions with a network of locally recruited G-Tech organisers.

The G-Tech Football Development Project has developed a network of football sponsors, donors and funders in the USA, Europe and Australia with whom we have built a sustainable supply of football kit, boots, balls and training equipment.

By equipping local village teams, we are building a lifetime bond with these young players, giving them a place to excel and develop. more on African football donations and funding

Football Training & Skills Development in Gambia

Football Academy In The Gambia

We have developed a training centre at the Senegambia football field and G-Tech FC has recently been admitted to the third division of the Gambian football league.

G-Tech FC provides the very best young football players with a direct route to a career in the Gambian football league.

We hope to win the league one day but our main aim is to showcase the best footballers to the bigger Gambian football clubs. Income generated by transfer fees from these players will be reinvested in football in the dis advantaged and under developed areas. more on

Regional & International Football Agents & Coaches


We are developing a network of affiliates to help us develop and promote Gambian football in Africa, Europe, USA, Latin America and the Middle East

The G-Tech Football Development Project has developed a network of regional and international football agents and coaches from academies and clubs in Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Egypt, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Holland and England.

By giving Gambian players the very highest profile on the international stage, we aim to create the football success stories and role models to inspire the next generation. more on international football trials in The Gambia

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